Wildside Koala


It is no lie, there are indeed Koala's living within Sydney.

The image featured here is of a WILD Koala outside the Wildside Sydney Studios.

Around this time of the year, mid winter, young male Koala's venture out in the hope of finding a new patch of bushland to call their own. Scent marking from a scent gland located on their chest all along the way.

We first noticed this little boy early in the morning when some Noisy Miner birds allerted us to his whereabouts. Throughout the day he happily waddled from tree to tree eating Eucalyptus leaves that local friends of the Koala had left out for him.

It is amazing to see such rare animals in the wild, and even more so when you dont have to leave home! however, sadly for this little fella he has wandered into the unknowns of suburbia. We are keeping a close watch out for him and hoping that other people in the local area are doing the same.

It is easy to be a wildlife helper, simply start by keeping pets indoors and slowing down on our roadways.



koala from Wildside on Vimeo.

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