WILDSIDE discovers Christmas Island

Christmas Island


This is Christmas Island, a tropical utopia which erupts from the Indian Ocean to the north west of the rugged western Australian coastline, 3000km’s from Perth.  Biological beauty, stunning landscapes and crystal blue waters suggest that this is the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean and based on all accounts to date this couldn’t be any more appropriate.
Dense tropical rainforest grow upon plateaus which are pillared by limestone cliff faces which blast out of a quiet underwater arcadia, world renowned for diving. Sea birds, some endemic are found only on this island navigate the skies with great agility and skill, careful not to cross prehistoric flight paths with island royalty, the Golden Boson.
Volcanic activity has given birth to a labyrinth of limestone cave systems which permeate the islands sub terrain; each and every one is crumbed with stalactites, stalagmites or crystal. The caves are dangerous and remote and it is no wonder that it took ‘Dicks (Dickie Smith’s) Aussie Nuts’ to make the first voyage down the largest cave.
The climate has been voted as one of the most liveable in the world, and with a year round average of 28 degrees and mostly sunny it gets the Wildside vote of approval and we have decided to set up camp for a while, stay tuned as we update regularly on the island lifestyle and its rare and unique anomalies.


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