The search for the man eater


Wildside is exploring our worlds oceans over in an attempt to discover the man eater and if indeed the mysterious shark is in fact just that.

Our accomplished diver and shark conservationist Jason Turl boldly discovers an underwater world unbeknown to most as he gains an understanding of sharks and why we as people are often terrified of them.

Join him as Jason journeys deep into the realm of the shark world and you will be surprised to learn that sharks have more in common with you and I than you ever thought possible.

Watch how personalities change when Bull sharks are whipped into feeding frenzies off the remote Fijian coastline and succumb to gentle parenting techniques employed by Australian Nurse sharks, an in depth look into the shark world unparalleled by anything you have ever seen before.

Coming soon.

WILDSIDEAUSTRALIA – The search for the man eater..



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