Seldom seen – The Cinnamon Bittern.

Rare and Scare to Australia

The Cinnamon Bittern (Ixobrychus cinnamomeus) is a recently newly discovered species of bird to touch down on Australian shores, the first record was made in 2002. This bird species typically resides within an Oriental range and is widespread throughout eastern Asia. However this poor little sausage has just arrived, on Christmas Island!
Christmas Island is unique as it is located within reaching distance of Indonesia but still resides as an Australian territory, this means that migrating birds are sometimes lead astray and then can be claimed as an Australian species.
We Aussies are pretty good at this, claiming things for our own: bands such as ‘Oasis’ or soups made from pea and ham spring to mind.
The Cinnamon Bittern prefers habitats of freshwater surrounded by reed beds, paddy fields and marshes.
Unfortunately for this beautiful little bittern the surrounds of Christmas Island are not very accommodating and poor birds like this one need to be taken into care. This Cinnamon Bittern was found to be dehydrated and severely malnourished, a common peril faced by migrating species, luckily ‘Cindy’ as she has been aptly named is recovering well and will soon be released to continue on her journey.

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