Meet Kate Berry, an intrepid spirit that thirsts for adventure, a leader who is extraordinarily talented in the art of photography and passionate in the field of conservation.

Kate is a master of perfection and not shy to spend hours to days on end in fogs, forest and icy plains in pursuit of the ultimate image as second best for this almighty talented pro is never enough.

Her interest in photography and nature was sparked as a young woman and inspired by the likes of Sir David Attenborough, Lyndal Davies and Jane Goodall.

Kate’s tenacity and perseverance has given her the capacity to form her own life’s journey trail blazing for excellence standing high upon the shoulders of her idols.

Wether it’s scales, fur or feathers nothing restrains Kate Berry from roadside wildlife rescues, something she has continued since her early childhood years.

Kate has worked hard to gain a university scholarship majoring in animal behavior and ecology that is testament to her can do, I am woman, hear me roar attitude.

When Kate isn’t researching coastal ecosystems, pelagic birds or cuddly koalas at university you can find her out exploring her backyard, the wilds of the Queensland bushland, where she draws relaxation and inspiration from.

Kate is a keen ornithologist and mammal enthusiast who is determined to promote conservation by capturing the beauty and mystery of the natural world through her lens.

Kate is also a prolific author, and a fearless traveller, one is effortlessly persuaded to the depths of nature as she details her accomplishments with precise measurement and fine point both chapter and verse.

If your looking for adventure inspiration then take your queues from the newest allure of the WILDSIDE Australia community.

Kate Berry owns and operates Kate Berry Photography based in south east Queensland, a boutique photography business specializing in wildlife, nature and social photography.