Tasmanian Tree Frog (Litoria burrowsae)


The Tasmanian Tree Frog is a beautiful eye catching frog coloured in a vibrant pretty green over much of the upper body, shadows of dark brown marbling along its sides and a creamy white pinkish belly. As the name suggest the Tasmanian Tree Frog is endemic to the state of Tasmania.

It is an average sized tree frog growing to 6cm from nose to bum.

The Tasmanian Tree Frog can be found throughout much of the western wilderness of the state where it likes to live mainly in moorlands.

A duck like quack can be heard as the males call for a partner usually during spring and summer. However, this species can be opportunistic and breed after heavy rainfall throughout the year. Females can lay up to 120 eggs at a time and the tadpoles take around 8 months to develop into tiny frogs.

Sadly a deadly frog disease, the Chytrid fungus is risking the survival of this species and many other frogs worldwide. Thankfully the disease has not known to have spread to the World Heritage Wilderness Area where this frog has its species stronghold existing.

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